Swedish Massage Northern Beaches

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage uses gentle and firm strokes and manipulations of the joints and muscles to relax muscles, increase circulation, remove metabolic waste products, and help realign the body 

 Swedish Massage primarily speeds venous return and improves circulation from the extremities. by shortening recovery time from muscular strain by flushing the tissue of lactic acid, uric acid and other metabolic wastes decreasing the load to the heart. By incorporating strokes stretching and palpations to the muscles and joints the tendons and ligaments are stimulated and the body more supple.

Swedish Massage also stimulates the skin and nervous system while at the same time relaxes the nerves themselves and helps reach a relaxed state where it can help reduce emotional and physical stress.

Swedish Massage is just one of the techniques used in your tailored treatment program to relieve pain and improve your wellbeing.


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