Sports Massage Brookvale

Pre & Post Event Sports Massage

Sports Massage entails pre event and post event sports massage

Pre event Sports massage

This is a massage that is designed for sports man before competing where the body is woken up using fast stimulating strokes to increase blood flow around the body and especially to those limbs involved with the sport. The techniques involved would be mainly pummelling, effleurage and active assisted stretching. This type of massage should be performed the day of the event preferably a few hours beforehand the same day.

Post Event Massage2 or Recovery Sports Massage

The focus for Post event sports massage is to rebalance the athletes stressed body using lighter smoother strokes towards the heart to increase blood

Flow by increasing the oxygen supply which reduces the lactic acid build up.

By using effleurage compression and passive stretching the body will recover a lot quicker reducing the chances of injury or pain.


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