Remedial & Deep Tissue Massage

Remedial and Deep Tissue Massage is a very effective technique that releases chronic muscular tension. Applying pressure directly or across the grain of the muscle alleviates persistent pain.

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage uses various strokes, kneading, friction and percussion techniques, to increase circulation, remove metabolic waste products, relax muscles, stimulate the skin and nervous system and stretch ligaments and tendons. It helps to reduce physical and emotional stress.

Sports Massage

Pre-event Sports Massage incorporates quick invigorating massage and stretching techniques that concentrate on specific muscle groups that are needed for the coming event. This technique increases blood flow and plays an integral part in preparing the sports person, mentally and physically for competition.

Post-event Sports Massage uses slow soothing strokes that aim to relieve tension and sore working muscles by helping to redistribute blood and breakdown lactic acid accumulated during competition.

Myofascial Release

Firm pressure is applied slowly with gentle traction applied to the restricted fascia that stretches, elongates and mobilises adhesive tissues. This results in increased blood flow in the area, allowing the body to self correct thus eliminating pain and restoring its optimum performance.

Musculoskeletal Testing

In Musculoskeletal Assessment, the range of movement at the joint and the response of muscles to movement are tested passively, actively and under resistance. The client is then retested after the treatment to evaluate the effectiveness of the treatment and to assess the change in the range of movement and/or level of pain.

Postural Analysis

A Postural Analysis is a method where the body is observed front on and side on for, curvature of the spine, leg length, level of the hips and shoulders, location of the head to alignment of the body, and positioning of feet.

Corrective Exercise Therapy

Corrective exercises are recommended to help alleviate presenting conditions caused by muscles that are not strong enough and need to be strengthened, or alternatively too strong and need to be stretched.

Trigger Point Therapy

Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy is used to alleviate muscle spasms and cramping. Trigger points are located and then deactivated on tender areas where muscles have been damaged. Constant pressure is applied to the trigger point for about 10 to 30 seconds, which initially is momentarily tender then releases significantly.

Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphatic drainage is a method that applies a very light touch, that stimulates only the vessels under the skin, with gentle slow rhythmical strokes, that directs lymph from the tissues to the lymph nodes which are located in specific areas of the body. This technique is recommended for reducing stress, swelling, bruising, discomfort and muscular soreness.

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