A great way to reduce pain without pain

Just recently I came across a fantastic machine Painsolv that reduces pain. Sounds too good to be true! It not only reduces the intensity of trigger points for the client which means less likelihood to tense up when the thumb presses the trigger point and yep no pain when being treated, but now for practitioners it is less stress on their bodies especially thumbs, hands and forearms.

Painsolv is:

  • based on more than thirty years of worldwide research by renowned scientists
  • is not painful applying an electromagnetic wave field
  • is light compact and portable
  • is reasonably priced
  • non-invasive
  • safe with no known side effects or danger of over treating
  • safe to use and can help accelerate healing in people with implanted pins and plates
  • When I heard about its benefits I couldn’t wait to try it and I’m getting fantastic results from my clients who are ‘feeling less pain’ and some others are ’pain free’.