Good posture is the basis for a healthy body

Looked at your self in the mirror recently?  Posture is really important and can could contribute to pain, discomfort, and or lack of movement.  It is time to take action.  Look and see how you stand, sit and walk.

When you are looking at yourself side check the:

  • position of your head
  • position of your shoulders
  • curvature in your upper back
  • curvature in your lower back
  • position of your stomach
  • extension at the knees

When you look at yourself front on look at the:

  • head in relation to the shoulders and centre
  • if your shoulders are level
  • if your hips are level
  • knees if turned in or out
  • feet turned in or out
  • feet rolling in or out

If you can see anything out of place call me to give you a professional assessment and hopefully find the causes and put an end to your aches and pains