5 health issues at work

Working long hours at the computer without consistent breaks, exercise, stretching and massage, may seriously affect your health which could impact on your performance at work and in your own lifestyle

7% of productivity loss is due to neck back and spinal problems

5% of lost productivity is related to migraine headaches.

In order to reduce the onset of tension and or pain in five areas of your body you may find it helpful to be consistent in doing these recommended methods of  body maintenance.

Here are the 5 health issues at work


Working in front of a computer for long hours can cause significant eye strain and or headaches and may be avoided by looking at something in the distance in break times and exercising the eyes by looking side to side and up and down.


Most headaches are caused by clenching the jaw and/ or looking down at the keyboard for too long. These headaches can be avoided by stretching and massaging the jaw and puffing out your cheeks. The other types of headaches that are caused by looking down can be avoided by stretching the neck and upper back.


Constant sitting at the desk for long periods of time can lead to chronic back pain and poor posture.   Despite investing in a better chair you may still get these symptoms. You may find it easier on your back when you have constant breaks by getting out of your chair and walking for at least three to five minutes every hour and of course massaging those tension areas would also be of benefit.


When sitting in front of the computer for long periods of time, the shoulders tend to slouch forward and rise up, the chest sags and the head drops forward straining in the neck. To reduce the onset of tension and pain, pull arms back hooking them over the back of the chair, exaggerate raising and lowering shoulders, then roll forward and back. Then stretch your arms in front of your body interlocking fingers then raise above the head.


Fingers, thumbs and or arms may start to ache from constant and repetitious overuse with limited breaks when typing and using the mouse. The ache may be avoided by regular stretching of the fingers and thumb as well as placing the pressure on the web between the thumb and forefinger. By adding pressure on the muscle of the forearm that is line with the thumb, blood flow can be increased to both the forearm and hand to reduce discomfort.


Too many people wait until the onset of pain which then translates to other areas of the body leading to more tension, pain and stress.

By making a point to maintain these five areas that are subject to stress and tension in the working environment your performance at work will be improved and your lifestyle will be pain free. All it takes is exercise, having breaks, stretching, and massage.

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